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Mastery attained through nearly
three decades of experience…
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Professionalism, experience
and attention to detail

Johnson Reporting Services offers realtime reporting services exclusively to reporting agencies.  You don’t have to deal with a string of middlemen or e-mail blasts to find the right person for the job…Micheal Johnson has had years of experience in dealing with high-end, complex litigation across this country, as well as internationally.
"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence."
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Take confidence in knowing Johnson Reporting Services will care for your clients as you would, whether it’s in your backyard or across the globe.
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Personalized and adaptive reporting

Professionalism, experience, and attention to details is something Micheal Johnson carries with him on every job.


Realtime is the gold standard in court reporting and it should work every time, all the time. I never walk away from an opportunity to display my skills, and your client deserves the advantages of having readable realtime to effectively examine a witness.


Rough drafts, expedited transcripts and daily copies are what I specialize in. Whether they need it yesterday or today, I can make that happen. I have implemented the skills along with the personnel behind the scenes to make sure the client gets their transcript when they need it.


When firms hire a court reporter it can sometimes be a stressful situation. These firms need someone who is experienced and doesn't simply go through the motions. For that reason, I make sure your client not only receives high-quality reporting services but also the reassurance they deserve.

Areas of Expertise

Johnson Reporting Services has nearly three decades of experience in court reporting, depositions, arbitrations, litigation, and much more. We have traveled around the globe and performed our services at the highest levels to small and large court reporting agencies nationwide. Johnson Reporting Services is one of the leaders in our industry.